Cremation Services

Although cremation of remains is an old Lithuanian tradition, just recently cremation services become more popular. Cremation takes a similar time to a traditional funeral and is good solution in cases where there is not enough space in the graveyard, when it is chosen to store the ash in the columbarium or when the deceased is unrecognizable due to an accident or illness. Besides cremation is a cheaper method of burial than conventional burial.

Cremation Services with “Gedulo kelias”:

  1. In order that cremation would happen quickly, we arrange the necessary documents ourselves
  2. We provide a special coffin for cremation
  3. We provide a special capsule which is impervious for light and liquids.
  4. We transport the deceased to the crematorium where cremation is done within the set time
  5. After the executed cremation service, we issue a cremation certificate.

We responsibly and promptly carry out the mission of repatriation of the decedents from abroad and take care of the deceased’s body with full respect for last goodbye and we coordinate the quality of the cremation service.